GC Pro

GC Pro Account Manager at Guitar Center Inc.

GC Pro specializes in services geared for commercial recording studios, venues, houses of worship, touring artists, and audio professionals. We stock over 35,000 musical instruments, sound reinforcement tools, live sound products, stage and theatrical lighting, computers, recording gear and video equipment.

We offer consultations, product demonstrations, technical support and complete installations, and more. We are a unique team of experts that provide unparalleled one-stop shop solutions for all of your pro audio needs.

Guitar Center operates the world’s largest musical gear distribution center. As a division of Guitar Center, GC Pro leverages purchasing power, huge inventory, and expedient nation-wide delivery. In addition to our Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll benefit from even bigger savings with larger orders. We accept purchase orders and all major credit cards.

I have been with Guitar Center for past 9-years to share my passion and knowledge from experience and studying in the field of recording and offer solutions to home studios, project studios, and commercial studios. I have helped many clients to complete their studios. Additionally I have designed numerous churches’ and businesses’ audio, video, and lighting system  from ground up and successfully implemented them with our team.

I am here to serve you to get right gear and save time, which is valuable to both you and I. I want to help you to reach any and all of your audio, video, and lighting goals so we can bring your dreams to reality. I am not here to make a quick sale but here to build a professional relationship where both you and I thrive.

I am looking forward to working with you and please feel free to reach out to me via email, text, and phone calls. Also please feel free to share this page with anyone who could benefit from building a great professional relationship with me.

Hawon Jung
GC Pro Account Manager

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