Are artists expecting to be paid for Beats deal with Apple?

Source: Universal Music Made $400 Million Off the Beats Acquisition. Artists Made $0…

Honestly I am not sure why this is a big issue that artists are not making any money from Beats acquisition. Labels knew they would not make much money from streaming so they chose to take equity for music that labels own; sorry, artists does not own master. They took advanced in exchange whether that is fair or not is another discussion. 

UMG invested in Beats and they are reaping their investment. Their investment happen to be music they own. So what is so wrong with this? I am not for labels, rather always side with artist. However, this is not worth talking about.

It is so hard to do it but I need to leave google platform

Source: google-android-dominates-cheating-data-protection

I’m a short summary:
Google doesn’t care about you and your privacy. They offer the best service in many areas; maps, gmail, drives, and etc, however, instead of paying to them all our information stored in Google is what made them the most valuable company.

Google is a tech company but we should seriously consider it as an ad agency since most of its revenue is coming from selling ads and at least in my eyes it is not acceptable they are profiting from me so much. I wish I have list of alternative options. However I can surely say sooner I get away from google it’d be better for me

Audio-Technica ATHN-ANC23 QuitePoint earphone


Originally got this one over the Christmas for my wife but she does not like in-ears, so I decided to give it a try. I usually do not prefer any type of noise canceling headphone nor earphones but I am glad I have it right now.

I am at O’Hare airport to fly out to Houston and this thing does quite a great job at filtering noise. It does a great job of filtering low and mid low rumbles and noises yet let voice through pretty well. Plus it does not pressure my ears much compare to Bose QC series.

Quality it produces for music is passable since i wont work any project on it. However, it is darn impressive for the sound it reproduces. Bass is pretty nice-not flabby but not tight either-clean mid range and smooth high. What’s the best thing about it? It coated me less than $30 when I got it.

If you travel quite often or want to tune out a noise for budget, you should consider give this one a try.

Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone

Manley Reference Cardioid

What I liked

  • Revealing and capture the essence of your voice
  • Very open
  • High end response
  • Can be a good match with darker mic pre
  • TUBE

What I did not like

  • Very open
  • Bit noisy
  • Price $2,700 for Cardioid only


If you are looking for a bright, open, and tube microphone, this is a great one to get under $3,000. If you are recording 24-bit and 192k rate, this is a great one to capture the detail. Yes it is bright and matching it with dark souring mic pre like NEVE will get you a great pair.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please contact me via


Radial PreMax & PreComp

Radial WorkHorse

I had a pleasure testing out Radial Engineering’s PreMax and PreComp. I could not believe the price of the unit and the quality you get.


PreMax is a budget 500 series low-noise, clean sounding pre with traditional 3-band EQ for tone shaping. What I loved about this awesome unit is how clean and tasty the EQ is. It does not alter the sound much yet add taste to the your voice.


PreComp is a budget 500 series low-noise, clean sounding pre with smooth compressor to control your dynamics. From the low ratio to the high ratio, compression is smooth and does not squash to sound distorted.


At priced at $299 for PreMax and $349 for PreComp, these two units are amazing performer and a great way to get into 500 series. I am still fascinated by how clean and transparent they are for the money you pay. Yes, it is not as great performer as 512c but you can easily have two PreMax or PreComp for the price of one 512c. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to start their 500 series collection or to add an empty spot with a budget that can deliver you a great result.

If you have any questions or interested in getting one of these amazing performer, please feel free to contact me at


A Free Plugin from SoundToys


SoundToys has released another free plugin called the little PrimalTap which is based on the
classic Lexicon PrimeTime Delay, which is AWESOME.

“The little PrimalTap captures the highly distinctive sonic imprint of this quirky, and well-loved (by those in the know) vintage digital delay. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple interface, Little PrimalTap lets you unleash your creative urges to echo, loop, warp, distort, mangle, or create cacophonous cascades of otherworldly sounds.”

The plugin supports Mac/Win and runs in 32 or 64bit as AAX/RTAS/AU/VST.

If you are interested click the link below. All you need is their account and iLok is not required.